About “MASA”

Continuing effort celebrating PLAGUE OF HAPPINESS 2 decades to South East Asia music scene mainly in Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia. This documentary is about PLAGUE OF HAPPINESS maintaining their existence for 20 years in music scene. Telling the story about the effort, passion towards music and maintaining daily life with day jobs, family members and hobbies. Sharing key points and insight about each band members’ roles, philosophy in music and life.

This video will follow all Plague of Happiness band members through a typical day off. We will follow them from when he wakes up in the morning, preparing himself, riding a mountain bike, meeting his skate friends, go to travel, fishing, doing softball coaching at school, cooking & sell NASI LEMAK, handling a DIY business and etc. The narration will be the band member’s talent talking about himself, about band journey and how they live in this kind of lifestyle. “More importantly, the transformative effects of time spent in the band”.